“How much is the way you speak costing you? It’s time to learn how to
amplify the
best parts of who you are.”

Vinh Giang




The STAGE Workshop is a 3-day immersive experience, where International Keynote Speaker Vinh Giang will take you through the foundations of communication and presentation. The toolkit you will acquire is not only for on-stage presentations, it’ll help you in your off-stage communications as well.

You have one of the most complex instruments in the world - your voice. Yet when was the last time you sat down and learned how to use it to its fullest potential? Once and for all, learn how to master your instrument. No stone will be left unturned. Vinh will dive deep into vocal mastery, storytelling in business, body language, and much much more!

Most people in life only focus on their visual image and put little to no time and attention on their vocal image. What is your vocal image saying about you? What assumptions are people making when they hear you speak? Have you learned how to style your vocal image? It’s time to learn the foundations, and intentionally put out the best version of yourself.

You are only as good as you can communicate. After you come through the Stage Communication Workshop, you return amplifying the best parts of who you are, improving your ability to lead the life you desire. Stop playing a small version of yourself, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and allow the bigger version of you to shine through. Discover how to unlock your voice and your potential.


“STAGE was like watching a magician, revealing all of his secrets.” 

- Brad Green | Engineering Director @ Google


 “I’ve been to numerous courses and workshops to improve my speaking and communication, but Vinh has by far, had the most impact in the shortest time. He has helped me overcome so many bad habits and weaknesses and unlock natural strengths I never knew existed. By far the best person you could go to if you want rapid improvement in communicating with influence, speaking and performance.”

- Mark Lim | Founder & Partner of Magnetic Alliance


I’ve read enough, I’m in!

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Last Workshop For 2019: November 1st - 3rd Anaheim, CA



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Once and for all, you will learn the foundations of great communication. Vinh has spent years in the world of theatre but not to become an actor. He has spent years doing vocal training but not to become a singer. He did these things to distill what it takes to become a great communicator. Over the 3 day experience, you will learn what took Vinh 10 years to master.

This is not your usual workshop. This workshop is an experience. If you choose to come along, be prepared to grow and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

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Vinh will introduce you to one of the best vocal coaches in the United States - Melissa Treinkman. A native of Chicago, mezzo-soprano Melissa Treinkman sang in the Featured Ensemble for GRAMMY award-winning production of The Ghosts of Versailles and played the role of the Vendor in Carmen, both at LA Opera. She is also the current President of the Student Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

During Melissa’s session, you will learn how to master the four systems of the human voice; Respiration, Phonation, Resonation, and Articulation. For many of us, our voice is a foreign instrument. Within 2 hours Melissa will share the secrets of how to unlock the full potential of your voice.


Melissa was incredible, she helped me unlock my voice. After spending time with Melissa, my only wish is that I learnt from her 25 years ago. I’ve spent my entire professional career using such a weak voice, she gave me exercises that within 3 months change the way I sounded. I never knew I had such a powerful voice!

Phung Tam | Psychologist




"How nauseating, a section where I have to talk about myself. Apologies in advance.

I wanted to share with you my journey as a communication teacher. You see, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I love to teach. As I’ve grown my keynote speaking career, I’ve been able to work with large Fortune 500 companies all around the world. In the last two years I’ve partnered with Microsoft, Linkedin, Facebook, and Google.

One thing has become crystal clear to me in the last 5 years – I don’t just want to speak. I really want to teach people how to COMMUNICATE and how to CONNECT with others. Why? I believe it’s the most important skill in life, both professionally and personally. It brings me so much joy and fulfillment to watch my students play bigger versions of themselves.

I’ve devoted the last ten years to learning everything there is to know about communication. I’ve studied years in the world of theatre but not to become an actor. I’ve also trained with vocal teachers but not to become a singer. I did these things to learn how to maximize the potential of my instrument - the human voice.

As I speak all around the world and meet people from all different types of professions. One thing has become abundantly clear. People who are the most influential have learned how to use their instrument masterfully. Most of our experiences in life are based around relationships. Think about this for a moment, your quality of life at work is based on the relationships you have with those you work with. Your quality of life at home is based on the relationships you have with your family. Everything in life is based on relationships. When you learn about communication skills in depth, you’ll start to realize that this is the very instrument we use as human beings to BUILD relationships. The better you get at using your instrument, the better we are able to build meaningful relationships with those around us and thus improving our quality of life.

This is the very instrument that helps us build deeper connections with others. This is the tide that lifts all boats. Improve this skillset and you’ll improve your entire life.”








FEELING SCARED? It’s normal.

Are you scared of presenting at your next meeting?

Are you scared of doing a speech at a loved ones wedding?

Are you putting off sharing the Ted talk that you were born to give?

Are you a talented introvert who isn’t showcasing their expertise?

Are you someone who doesn’t speak up when you need to?

The biggest thing that Vinh does in this workshop is give you all the tools, so you don’t ever have to be scared anymore.

Below is the first episode of a mini-documentary series that Vinh created, we hope from watching the video below - you’ll realize that the fear you feel is normal and that anyone can overcome it. You just need to learn how.


“Fear is just false evidence appearing real.”

- Zig Ziglar | Speaker & Author



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Last Workshop For 2019: November 1st - 3rd Anaheim, CA